Monday, March 19, 2012


There are many different ways, as a teacher, that you can teach your class about different countries throughout the world and one way by making salt dough maps. In class we divided up into groups and picked a country that we wanted to do research on and my group chose Brazil. This was a three day projects and the first day we did research on our country so we could present the information to our class. The information included climate, popular animals, plants, festivals, and how many people live there. On the second day we made a salt dough map of the country and put food coloring in it to represent mountains and flat land as well as the ocean to the east of the country. We had extra dough left over so we also made the flag and a mask that the people wear during the carnival that happens every year in Brazil. One the third day we presented our maps and information to the class. Students could use this project to study about a country but they could also study about a state and make a salt dough map of a state of their choice. They would do research on the state, or country, and present their findings to the class, or they could write a paper about what they found.

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