Monday, February 27, 2012


In class we did a project called the "Trade Fair" and during this class everyone brought in something in that they made, bought, or found around their house to trade for something else. I made two lizard key chains but not everyone made something. Some people brought in books, white boards, and chocolate. There were many people that brought food, and I traded one of my key chains for two Russian pastry's with poppy seeds in the the middle. They were very good and I had never tasted anything like them before. I traded the other key chain for painting of a picture of an elephant. I personally love elephants, and am so happy that I was able to get the picture. The purpose of this activity was to show how people in history may have traded things they had for what they needed or wanted. Though most of the things we traded were materialistic objects, in the past people may have traded for things such as flour, cloth the make clothes, soap, and other things people needed to live their lives. I thought this project was very beneficial and I would love to do this with my students when I become a teacher.

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