Monday, February 27, 2012


There are many different ways to teach history to students that are creative and fun. One way to help students understand what you are trying to teach to them is through an anchor char. Anchor charts can be very helpful because they can have quick facts about a topic that the students may have trouble remembering. This way they can look at the chart and get the information they need whenever they need it. For the class, our group decided to make an anchor chart for the fifth grade about the Boston Tea Party. This was fun because we did researched and found out information about the Boston Tea Party that I did not know about before doing this project. I also liked the fact that we could make our chart as colorful and fun as we wanted. I love color, and coloring the anchor chart so that even the pictures resembled what happened during the Boston Tea Party was fun. I could definitely see myself using the idea of an anchor chart in my classroom for any grade and not only to help teach history, but also for other subjects that my students may need a reference for.

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