Monday, February 27, 2012


For one class we were to bring in a shoebox and act as if you had only ten minutes to put objects in to take with you if you had to leave to go somewhere or if your house was on fire. In my shoebox I had a Bible, some pictures, a letter from my dad, a picture of a knife, a picture of a gun, and some bullet casings. I picked these objects because they all mean something to me. The Bible is everything that I live by and the pictures would help me remember my family and what they looked like. I would take the knife, gun, and bullets for protection. During class we got into groups and showed other people what was in our boxes. It was interesting to see what people would bring and what was important to them. For some it was pictures and objects from their childhood. For others they packed survival things such as medicine, food, and bandages. Everyone's shoebox contained something different and showed what people value, possession wise, and what they would bring with them if they only had a few minutes to pack.

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